Physics PhD Student

Cornell University

About Me


I am Vaibhav Sharma, currently pursuing a doctoral degree in physics from Cornell University, United States of America. 

I find all sorts of physics interesting but I am working on theoretical condensed matter physics, particularly on quantum many-body systems in the ultra-cold regime. 


Academic Background

I started as a non-physics major with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from Delhi Technological University. During my third year, I realized that instead of being an engineer, I wanted to become a physicist. 

I then made a transition into physics. I have written about it on this website under the page titled 'Physics After Engineering'. 

I joined a master's program in physics in the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-Bombay). It was here that I honed my physics skills by exploring a variety of courses and projects in different fields of physics. I mostly worked with Professor Suddhasatta Mahapatra and Professor Sumiran Pujari in IIT Bombay. 

This preparation enabled me to get into the physics PhD program at Cornell. 


Hobbies and Other Interests

I like to watch a few movies and TV shows in my free time. Among my favorite movies and TV shows would be Breaking Bad, The Godfather and Black Mirror. 

I also like to read with Charles Dickens being one of my favorite authors and the Tale of Two Cities my all time favorite work of his. 

I watch and play a few sports. I have watched cricket all my life and I am a big Sachin Tendulkar fan. I like playing Tennis, Badminton and Soccer occasionally.

In music, I mostly like Hindi music with Kishore Kumar and AR Rahman among my favorite artists.  

I am no art connoisseur but I found paintings of the Baroque Italian painter, Michelangelo Caravaggio absolutely magnificent when I saw them.