Ongoing projects

  1. Decay Kinetics of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in the excited band of an optical lattice.

    Supervisor: Professor Erich Mueller, Department of Physics, Cornell University

    A Bose-Einstein condensate can be pushed from the ground state to the excited band of an optical lattice using a sudden change in the hamiltonian. This has been shown experimentally.

    This condensate then evaporates, scatters and remarkably recondenses (reorders) into the lowest energy state of the excited band before finally decaying into the ground state band. This is interesting from the point of view of the general problem of ordering in physics, where particles order themselves through interactions into interesting quantum states.

    We are modelling the recondensation in the excited band itself using scattering equations obtained by Fermi's golden rule.

    We are using Mathematica to numerically solve the kinetic equations.

Files coming soon.