fall 2018 courses

  1. PHYS 2214 - Waves, Oscillations, and Quantum Physics

    Taught two discussion sections with about 20 students each for problem solving and general course doubts. I was also the lab instructor for one lab section where course related experiments were performed.

Student Evaluations:

Spring 2019 Courses

  1. PHYS 1203 - Physics of the Heavens and the Earth

    Taught one discussion section with 30 students for weekly section activities aimed at helping them learn general concepts in physics in an intuitive and hands-on manner.

    Designed a section activity for non-physics students on Special Relativity and Stellar Evolution
  2. PHYS 1102: Electricity and Magnetism

    Helped in conducting the auto tutorial course as a TA where in I mostly focused on clearing conceptual doubts for students and general help in problem solving. 

Student Evaluations: